Fireglow is a full service video and film production agency focusing not just on the creative and production, but also the marketing aspect of your project.

We develop concepts, write scripts, storyboard, direct, shoot and produce a huge variety of films. We understand the different platforms, technologies and audiences and we aim to make stunning films that deliver on your goals.

Building relationships is extremely important to us, and we always look to the long term. That said, we happily take on one-off, ad hoc and last-minute projects.

We do our best to make everything easy for you, so we are happy to work with your existing teams or work entirely on our own to get your projects complete.

You can see some previous work in the adjacent video and can watch many more full examples of previous work by browsing the website.

From the non-video side we are able to take care of your graphic design needs, including print ads, social media design and newsletter management. We also advise on various aspects of online customer and marketing strategy. And if all of that sounds like marketing jargon, then just let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll come up with strategy to get you there. Why not get in touch today and see how we can help you!





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