Fireglow creates high quality video and film content for agencies, brands, businesses and organisations.
Whether you require a high end TV commercial, a brand film, a social-media-friendly film, simple explainer video or a dynamic music video – we have you covered.
We can take your projects from concept all the way through to final delivery with everything in between.

You may come to us with a fully formed idea or nothing more than a notion that you need a film or video. It all starts with a great idea and our creative team will work with you turn your spark into a stunning final production, regardless of which stage of development you are currently at.

Whether your film is headed for TV, the interweb, phones or tablets, we ensure your final project is designed with your various technologies and audiences in mind. We will be happy to advise on the best course of action for you based on your brand’s needs.

Fireglow’s executive producer, Andrew Faure, personally oversees every project to ensure your satisfaction and that each production meets our strict standards. Feel free to check out a list of satisfied clients by clicking here and, rather than taking our word for it, let the work speak for itself.



As a full-service production agency we develop concepts, write scripts, create copy and all the usual creative activities you would expect.

There is one thing that has the most impact on your video’s success – storytelling. You need to tell a story that engages, appeals to emotions and persuades if you want to convert viewers into customers. The average adult attention span is eight seconds, so the first eight seconds of your video have to be exciting and engaging enough to get them hooked into watching until the end. Video is great for today’s attention spans – it helps the viewer understand the essence of an idea faster than words alone.

For most films you would either use the “problem/solution/desirable result” model as the structure of your story, or simply weave a visual narrative making your product seem attractive. Pay attention to the emotion and desired path you want your audience to take on their journey towards an action or a purchase. Ensure your visuals reflect those elements. If you are producing multiple videos or commercials, develop a signature look.

Whether we do the entire creative development from our side or you hand it to us already complete, we will enter the production phase only once all parties are satisfied with the direction of the story.


The production phase is where things get real – this is where the cameras roll and someone shouts “action”.  You can leave this in our hands to do it all – from casting and crewing to directing, shooting, producing and managing the shoot (and everything that goes with it).

Fireglow may have been working on your production from the creative development stage or you may have handed us a script or storyboard and asked us to produce it for you. This is when our network of skilled filmmakers really come into their own. We handle the entire process, deal with all the logistics and (if this production is taking place away from home) we handle all of the travel arrangements.

Every creative and technical crew member has certain strengths, which is why we match the specific people to your productions that we feel will best suit that project.

And as with everything we do, you will be a part of the production all the way through and every step will be in consultation with you.



Time to take your raw footage and turn it into something amazing.

Our editors work with the creative and production staff to ensure the structure, narrative, pace and mood of each film follows the original brief and strategy. We oversee all editing, graphics, compositing, grading, voiceover recordings, music compositions/selections & sound design to ensure all the individual elements come together to produce the quality required.

Your production may need just a basic edit or it may require animation, graphics, sound design, subtitles or even stock footage. All of these resources will be blended to create the final product. The time and budget required for post production will depend on many of these factors as well as the intended length of the final product and where it will be viewed.

As always, we will manage the entire process with you in consultation.


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